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      Barium Titanate
      CMP Powder
      Stabilized zirconia
      Nano Zirconia/ZrO2
      Home >> Products >> Nano Zirconia/ZrO2

      Nano Zirconia/ZrO2

      Anhui Zhongchuang ZCYSZ series of products using the latest hydrothermal and nanotechnology, through
      the precise control and detection of the production process, the product has the advantages of material proportion
      can be accurately controlled, high purity, good dispersion and good crystallinity, get the customer's consistent
      high praise.

      1. 40N yttrium stabilized zirconium products

      The particle size of 40N is about 40nm. Because of its excellent fracture strength, toughness, wear resistance
      and antiaging property, the product has a wide range of uses and can be used in industrial supplies and daily consumer goods.

      2. 90N yttrium stabilized zirconium products

      90N series has a small specific surface area, high bending strength, can be used in the flow molding, extrusion
      molding and other production processes, so it is suitable for pressure molding or CIP molding and other large
      parts of the production.

      3. stable yttrium stable zirconium

      The stability series powder products have high strength and toughness, which can be used in the production
      of solid fuel cell. Meanwhile, they have good sinterability, which can be used to manufacture sintered body with
      uniform grain size and excellent electrical properties.

      4. Monoclinic zirconia

      Monoclinic zirconia series, used in a variety of ceramic applications: thermal insulation coatings, electronic
      materials, functional ceramic anticorrosive coatings, etc., with uniform size distribution, good dispersion and
      other advantages.








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