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      China National Building Materials Group

      China National Building Materials Group

      China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) was established in 1984 with approval from the State Council, and then became a Central Enterprise under direct supervision of State owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council in 2003.

      Upholding the philosophy of Making Best Use of Resources to Serve Construction, and vigorously carrying out such strategies as technical innovation, internationalization of building materials, and building strength with talents, CNBM is the largest comprehensive building materials industry group in China that integrates scientific research, manufacturing and logistics into one entity, and consists of four business platforms, i.e. industry, technology, complete set of equipment, and trading & logistics. As of the end of 2009, CNBMs total assets exceeded RMB 110 billion, with 100,000 employees, and 20 companies under direct management with 100% share control or majority control, among which 6 were listed companies, including 2 overseas listed.

      CNBM practices the parent subsidiary management system, and is one of those wholly state owned enterprises carrying out the pilot trial of Board of Directors system and innovation system. As the strategic center, decision center, resources center, and policy & culture center, our Group exercises its right as a contributor. Whereas, our sub groups functioning as business platforms, are mandated to construct the profit center based on their core competences to enlarge brand awareness and increase market share.



      As the former Bengbu Design and Research Institute for Glass Industry with nearly 60 years history, China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd. (CTIEC) is a national comprehensive GradeA D & R unit, an internationalized engineering group company, a key hi  tech enterprise of China and an engineering technology platform of China National Building Material Company Ltd. CTIEC possesses foreign trade right and grade-A qualifications for design & general contracting, engineering consultation and engineering supervision in the respects of the building material industry, light textile (domestic silicate), civil engineering, new energy engineering and special engineering projects of environment pollution treatment. Moreover, CTIEC has set up seven institutions of the trade including China Glass Development Center jointly sponsored by UNIDO and Chinese government, established fourteen national and provincial innovation platforms including State Key Laboratory for Advanced Technology of Float Glass and passed the authentication of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System.

      Taking the ideology of "Credit, Innovation and To Be The Best", CTIEC vigorously implements the strategy of integration, industrialization, engineering and internationalization and rapidly develops the industries of new glass, new material, new energy and new equipment with industrial bases distributing in several provinces of China and business network spreading all over the world. In recent years, CTIEC has undertaken more than ten state 863 projects, 973 projects and national science & technology support plans, gained 1 second prize ofNational Scientific Progress Award, over 50 Ministeriallevel Scientific Achievement Award, and over 200 National and Ministerial level Excellent Engineering Design, General Contracting and Consulting Award, and obtained over 100 state authorized patents. CTIEC owns 14 hi tech enterprises. In 2011, the consolidated revenues of CTIEC broke 10 billion yuan.


      Triump Science&Technology Co.Ltd

      Triump Science&Technology Co.Ltd is the world's top 500 enterprises of China building material group, China's largest ITO conductive film glass information display materials,fused zirconia r&d and production base, located in bengbu city hightech zone huangshan road no. 8009, registered capital of 383.52 millionyuan, the factory covers an area of 97352 square meters, a total construction areaof 38427 Square meters.

      Zhongheng New Materials Scientific & Technological Co., Ltd

      Zhongheng New Materials Scientific & Technological Co., Ltd

      Subject to China Triumph International Engineering Co.Bengbu Glass D&R Institute, Bengbu Zhongheng New Materials Scientific & Technological Co., Ltd.

      specializes in the research and  development as well as production of zirconia product series with its strong technical force and production capacity by taking advantage of the research & development force and years scientific research achievements of the Institute. With imported equipment, updated quality control method and strict lab test procedures, zirconia product series produced by our company with high-grade zircon sand directly imported from Australia are high in grade, stable in chemical compositions and particle distribution, so it can meet various process requirements of zirconia used for refractory materials, ceramics, steel, space industry, etc.


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