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      About Us  
      Our Group
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      Anhui Zhongchuang Electronics & Information Materials Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Triumph
      Science & Technology Co., Ltd (stock code:600552), is founded in 2014.Relying on the state
      key lab, the accumulation of technology, the advanced technology abroad and the high
      quality team, we develop the BT, CMP and stabilized zirconia. It can meet the clients
      requirements in a wide range of applications.As a innovative hi-tech company, much funds and manpower is taken in the R&D of the new material.All of the
      new products are popular in the market.

      We now have three divisions:

      BT division: we have a self-designed production line with a capacity of 2000tons BT.It makes MLCC high performance,
      large capacity and miniaturized.

      CMP division:The design annual capacity of rare earth CMP powder is 2000 metric tons, and
      its main application is for polishing cover lens of cell phones, liquid crystal glass, precision
      optical elements and crystal ornaments. With high polishing efficiency, good performance on
      fitness and flatness, our product is an indispensible material in modern optoelectronics

      Stabilized zirconia division:relying on Bengbu Zhongheng which have too much experience
      on zirconium, Anhui Zhongchuang develops high quality stabilized zirconia. They are widely
      used in industries of iron and steel, glass, ceramics, metals, electronics, aerospace and others.
      They are also used for producing sizing nozzles , cast overall stoppers, long nozzles and
      immersion nozzles in one step, which is called casting big three, as well as for making
      other nozzles, ceramic filters, crucibles, high temperature kiln stoves, refractory lining,
      electronic load bearing plates, oxygen sensors.

      Anhui Zhongchuang Electronics & Information Materials Co., Ltd adhere to the harmonious
      development philosophy, implement the social responsibility of the enterprise, concern and
      care for the disabled, women and children and other vulnerable groups, and actively
      participate in social welfare programs.At the same time, we are focusing on environmental
      protection and energy conservation and emission reduction, and we stick to the path of
      harmonious development between man and nature.

      Stablized zirconia refers to the product which incerting Zr4 and the metal ion with similar
      radius to Zr4 into the crystal of ZrO2 so as to form stablized cubic solid solution. After
      cooling, it can maintain its cubic solid solution structure without reversible transformation
      and volumn effect. This feature can enhance the  erosion resistance and extend the lifetime
      of the refractory product and decrease the cost of enterprises. In metallurgical industry,
      stablized zirconia is widely appiled to the lining material of furnace and the parts which are
      high-temperature resisting, antioxidant, reduction and erosion resisting. It can also be applied to
      thermocouple cannula of all kinds, crucibles for melting metal, tundish inserted long
      nozzle bricks, movable gate bricks, and  bonding ring of horizontal continuous casting for
      continuous casting steel.

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